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Vailankanni Cottages on Mandrem beach: Offering beach cottages, huts, rooms and houses much before Millennium year of 2000 onwards.

At the turn of the century or better known as the Millennium Year of 2000, saw the humble beginning of Vailankanni Cottages on Mandrem beach in Pernem district of North Goa. Way back before 2000, somewhere in the year 1995 the proprietor of Vailankanni Cottages remembers that they were one of the few who used to offer beach accommodations bang on the beach of Mandrem.

Vailankanni Beach Cottages: Offering beach rooms to tourists even before the Siolim Bridge was built.

Way back before 2003, all of the tourists who desired to visit the beaches of Morjim, Ashwem, Mandrem, Arambol and Keri beach had to take the Government of Goa Ferry ride with their bikes or vehicles on board to cross the Chapora River. Around 2003, once the Siolim – Chopdem modern bridge was built over the Chapora Rivers, since then thousands of tourists have been able to visit Mandrem beach easily by bus, bike or car. Due to the heavy influx of tourists discovering and exploring the virgin beaches of Pernem and especially Mandrem beach, hence Vailankanni Cottages now offer a variety of beach accommodations such as beach huts, beach cottages, Bamboo Roof Top rooms, beach rooms and Goan beach houses too.



Vailankanni Beach Restaurant: Sip your Cool drinks while basking under the shade of Vailankanni Restaurant, Mandrem.

Vailankanni beach restaurant is a beach shack cum modern day multi – cuisine restaurant offering, Goan, Indian, Continental and Seafood dishes. They are famous for their Seafood dishes as the fish is fresh from the Arabian Sea in front of the restaurant. All of the tables in Vailankanni Restaurant offer a frontal sea view of the majestic Mandrem beach. Pick any seat and you can see the setting sunset from any table/cover of this Seafood beach restaurant. Besides the surrounding palm trees shade, the entire restaurant is divided into two sections, one below the wooden roof top rooms which is totally open air section and the other on the higher elevated concrete restaurant is more closed for more privacy.

Vailankanni Cottages, Mandrem: Beach huts, rooms, houses, roof top Bamboo huts, beach cottages, we have it all.

Vacation right in the heart of the magnificent Mandrem beach, which is one of the freshest and lengthiest beach stretches in North Goa. Vailankanni Cottages at Mandrem beach in North Goa have 02 Premium Roof Top Bamboo Cottages, 05 Air Conditioned (A/C) Seafront Rooms, 05 Non A/C, No Sea View Bamboo Cottages and 02 Direct Sea View Cottages. All of Vailankanni Cottages are beach cottages and they are set up right on the beach of Mandrem. Reserve your long weekend rooms at Vailankanni Cottages in Goa and you will be residing on the silvery soft sands of Mandrem beach and will be able to stroll and stride to other close by beaches of Ashwem and Arambol beach. Mandrem beach is the only beach in North Goa, where the back water river of Mandrem runs parallel to a large stretch of the Mandrem beach. Mandrem beach is also called as the Beach of wooden bridges in Goa.


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