Mandrem Beach

MAN DREM Beach: Truly every Man’s Dream beach.

Every man dreams of a beach that is secret and secluded, quiet and calm, where the waves are plenty and the beach is long, where there are lots of Seafood shacks close by, lots of rooms to rest hearing the waves crash into a sweet lullaby. Every man dreams of clean and clear back river waters close to the sea, also add to it a natural lake caused by a spring very close to sea. All of these dreamy beach conditions are fulfilled in a Goan beach that is so true to its name, MANDREM. If you split it into two words it almost becomes MAN DREAM. The beach of Mandrem fulfills the dreams of every beach lover man.


By Local Goa Bus to Mandrem
Mandrem beach is at a distance of only 32 kms away from capital city of Panjim or Panaji, so you can board a local bus from Kadamba Bus Stand at Panjim city. If you select to travel by the local buses of Goa, then first board a Mapusa bus from Kadamba Bus Stand Terminus (KTC Bus Stand) at Panjim. Then at Mapusa change and board into any of hourly buses that reach you to Mandrem village and Mandrem Beach.


By Local Goa Bike Pilots from Pernem Railway Station
Mandrem beach in Goa is located at a distance of only 20 kms from the Pernem Railway Station, in North Goa.

By Local Goa Taxi from Dabolim Airport
As soon as your plane lands you at Dabolim International Airport, to get yourself to the Sands of Mandrem beach, you can hire a local Goan Taxi and enjoy the comfortable and cool AC Car ride of approximately 55 kms to reach the magnificent Mandrem beach in Pernem district of North Goa.

By Bike Driving on the National Highway Road of North Goa in India.

Route from Panjim to Mandrem beach
Take National Highway 17 (NH17) across the Mandovi River Bridge to Mapusa via Porvorim Circle. On arriving at Mapusa city once in front of the Maruti Mandir Hanuman Temple then take the immediate left road that heads straight to Siolim. Cross over the newly built modern bridge over the Chapora River. This Siolim Bridge divides and distributes the two districts of Bardez on one side of the bridge and Pernem on the other side. Chopdem village lies on the Pernem side. Drive north, ignore the first fork at the ROUND ABOUT CIRLE (which goes left to Morjim) and take the straight road till you reach the second fork.  At the second fork, drive left all the way till you reach up to Mandrem Village. Go through the village and turn left. After a curve, suddenly, you will be welcomed with a magnificent panorama of the sea. You have arrived at Mandrem Beach.

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Enjoy Goan River and Goan Sea at Mandrem Beach in North Goa:

Beach Cottages Accommodation besides the River. Beach Cottages Accommodation besides the Sea.
Goa has 11 Rivers of its own and of them delivers its back waters to the salty seas at Mandrem beach. The river is known by the same village name of Mandrem. One can stay in the many beach huts and beach cottages accommodations that are available all along the sandy stretch of Mandrem beach. Vailankannis Cottages are one of the few beach lodgings at Mandrem beach in North Goa, where visitors get the advantage of both river and sea view, both right in front of their eyes. Cross the clean & clear back waters, with your bare nude feet over the petite stream of Mandrem or climb over the dreamy wooden bridge to gain entrance to the Mandrem Sea. Due to the close vicinity of the winding back waters of the Mandrem River, there is continuously a cool and revitalizing breeze that sways the coconut palms around your rooms in Vailankanni Cottages. One can choose to stay besides the edge of the Mandrem River or Rivulet. The Beach Cottages of Vailankannis are scenically positioned at the spot where the back water river of Mandrem discharges itself and kisses the astounding Arabian Sea.
One can choose to stay bang in the center of the magnificent Mandrem beach, which is one of the freshest and lengthiest beach expanse in North Goa. Over here there are many multiple beach huts offering you rooms bang on the beach and Vailankanni Cottages at Mandrem beach in North Goa is one of them. They have 02 Premium Roof Top Bamboo Cottages, 05 Air Conditioned (A/C) Seafront Rooms, 05 Non A/C, No Sea View Bamboo Cottages and 02 Direct Sea View Cottages. All of Vailankanni Cottages are beach cottages and they are set up right on the beach of Mandrem. Book your holiday rooms at Vailankanni Cottages in Goa and you will be residing on the sparkling white sands of Mandrem beach and will be able to walk to other beaches of Ashwem and Arambol beach. Mandrem beach is the only beach in North Goa, where the back water river of Mandrem runs parallel to a large stretch of the Mandrem beach. An uncommon feature of Mandrem beach is the narrow river inlet splitting the white-sandy beach from most of the housing strip and wooden – wobbly bamboo bridges which connect you to the beach.

Mandrem Beach in North Goa: Mandrem beach is also called as the Beach of wooden bridges in Goa.

The Goan village of Mandrem since ancient times was a fishing village, surrounded by the other Goan villages of Parcem, Arambol, Chopdem and Morjim. The main accommodation village ward or waddo as called in local Konkani village is by the name of JUNAS WARD or Junas Waddo. All of the beaches facing rooms are located within this village ward. To name a few, Vailankanni Cottages, Sunset Rooms, Mollys Nest etc. All of the beach accommodations at Mandrem have built handmade wooden bridges that connect their beach cottages to the main part of the Mandrem beach and Arabian Sea. Mandrem beach is famous for its white and sparkling sands. Mandrem beach is a quiet and calm beach. The beauty of Mandrem Beach is mainly during the High Tide time when the sea water gushes into the Mandrem Creek or River. This Mandrem creek moves parallel to the salty shoreline of the sea. This Mandrem creek that moves parallel to the salty sea waterline is frequently neck-deep at high tide. This has led to the construction of the romantic wooden foot bridge which is a rough-and-ready bamboo bridge that springs all over the Mandrem Stream and allows tourists and visitors to set their feet on the spectacular sands of Mandrem Beach.


Left Side neighbor of Mandrem is Ashwem beach

Towards the left side of Mandrem beach lays another famous and popular beach of Ashwem. This beach is famous particularly for the animal visitor that comes here during the mating season to lay its eggs. They are the Olive Riddley Turtles of Ashwem beach.



Right Side neighbor of Mandrem is Arambol beach

Walk towards the right side of Mandrem beach and one reaches towards the Backpackers beach of Goa, which is Arambol beach. Also known in local language as Harmal beach. This beach is surrounded by a high cliff that overlooks the sea and a short climb gives one a 360 degrees panoramic view of the beach stretch from Arambol till Morjim beach.

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Mandrem Beach is known for fine Goan feni and expert stone carvers. However, in recent years it has been ruffled from its cattle-driven pace by the tourism trail passing through it to the Arambol beach. After crossing the Chapora River either from the Chopdem-Siolim ferry-crossing or the Colvale Bridge, one lands in the Velhas Conquistas of Pernem. From Colvale, the distance to Mandrem is slightly more than a half-an-hour drive.

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