Mandrem Huts

5 Star Man Made Building or 5 Star Nature made Location? Vailankanni Beach Cottages on Mandrem beach.

Welcome to a world of luxury, created by God and designed by nature and handmade by the arts and crafts of man. That is Vailankanni Cottages at Mandrem beach for you. We do not offer you Concrete and painted rooms, but we offer you natural and herbal huts that harmoniously co-exist with the surrounding environment and add to the beauty of nature.

Mandrem Beach Cottages at Vailankannis Cottages

The beach cottages of Vailankanni Cottages at Mandrem beach in Pernem district of North Goa are a perfect blend of Man, Materials all naturally sourced and Nature. Some of the beach cottages are completely hand built from the floor to the roof with all wooden materials.

The Roof Top Rooms are made up purely of Pine wood planks and wooden bamboo and other coconut palm tree materials. Some of the beach rooms of Vailankanni cottages are part concrete and part natural with the roof mainly being temporary  with celling of ply board & cement sheet


We offer you 5 Star things like:

Beach Huts & Beach Cottages are more romantic & relaxing

  • Bang on the Mandrem Beach wooden cottages to stay.
  • Beach Shack Seafood Restaurant right in front of Goa beach.
  • Natural and Hand built Herbal huts bang on Mandrem beach.
  • Beach rooms within hearing distance of crashing waves of Mandrem Sea.
  • Beach Huts
  • Beach Rooms with or without A/C
  • Beach Wooden Cottages
  • Beach Roof Top Bamboo Rooms.
  • Swim in Mandrem River or Mandrem Sea
  • In House Seafood Shack Restaurant with Room Service
  • Beautiful & Whacky Wooden Bridge built for your access to the Mandrem Sea.
  • Bang on Mandrem beach: No need to take a taxi to the beach.
  • Sands below feet during the day & stars above head during night.
  • Swim in back waters of Mandrem River
  • Swim in Salty waters of Mandrem Sea
  • Unlimited Sunsets at Vailankanni Cottages, Mandrem.
  • Being besides the Sea, eat Seafood daily at Vailankanni Beach Shack
  • Daily Picnics on the beach.
  • Live life King Size as though Life is a Beach.
  • Go Skinny dipping early before Sunrise or late in the middle of the night.
  • Get a full body Sun Tan at Mandrem beach.
  • Roof Top Wooden Rooms are a Honeymoon Couples delight
  • Why go to the beach, when you can live on Goa Mandrem beach.
  • Have breakfast, lunch, munch, brunch, dinner and much more without leaving the Mandrem beach shore.
  • Go Dolphin Spotting on Goa beach.
  • Goa Fishing on Goa beach



Come to Mandrem Beach
Welcome to Mandrem beach…..
The beach that is a Man’s Dream come true…
Where the Sea is truly Blue……
And large white sparkling waves come running to you.
A full body Sun tan is every woman’s dream……
The bright sun, the shining sand, the reflecting waters,
Woman you better put on lots of Sun tan screen……
The rooms at Vailankannis cottages, Mandrem
Are down to the earth,
Waiting for your cheer, laughter and mirth.
The food too is good and it’s just not with Seafood.
Watch the waves at Mandrem as they splash and wet your toes…..
Stand still in time and again and again the wave come and goes…..
Like little children once again, let’s build Castles in the Sea…..
While living at Vailankannis Cottages, from where we can see.
Welcome to Mandrem beach, where castles are built on sand and dreams are seen on the seas.


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