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Ashwem beach

Ashwem or Ashvem beach is one of the few spectacular beaches of Pernem district in North Goa. Ashwem beach lies in the middle of two other famous beaches of Morjim and Mandrem beach.

On the left side is the Olive Riddley Turtles beach of Morjim and on its right side is the wooden bridges beach of Mandrem.

The Goa Ashwem beach has its own tranquil charm and is quite pleasing, as it is a very quiet and clean place. Even the sea waters of Ashwem are safe for swimming.

The coastline of Ashwem is one long, palm-fringed pleasure with the chalky sands usually silver, sometimes golden only disturbed from time to time by rivulets inlets, river estuaries or cliffy headlands.

Ashwem is well-known for its rocks on the beach front. This rocky topography that has been molded by shellfish, giving the rocks a distinctive shape.





Arambol Beach

Tourists residing at Vailankanni Cottages, if they like peacetime and stillness then Arambol beach is a picture-perfect choice. Arambol is a fisher folk village of north Goa having long expanses of untouched spotless and unblemished beach. Goa's northernmost beach, also known as Harmal, is jaggedly good-looking. You enter through a hippie colony where young foreign tourists live in small beach huts of Goa. The sea is rougher here than at other beaches of Goa but still good for swimming but a bit more fun for surf-seekers. Arambol (Harmal) beach is one of the few out-of-the-way beaches of Goa. Most of the foreign tourists who visit this beach are because of its very discreet and serene nature. Arambol is primarily a fishing settlement. The main part of Arambol beach is a nice place to swim. If one explores more north wards along the beach coast there is a fresh water lake just below the hill. People usually have a sea bath, followed by a mud bath at the stream above the lake (it’s said to have healing effect for the skin) and followed by a bath at the fresh water lake. To the north of Arambol is the Keri/Querim beach. To the south it’s the Mandrem beach where Vailankannis Cottages & Beach Huts are to be found. 




Morjim Beach

Earlier this beach of Pernem in North Goa was only accessible by Ferry service over the Chapora River waters. Now there is a direct modern bridge that connects the two districts of Bardez and Pernem together. Morjim is the first beach after crossing the Siolim or Chapora river bridge. Morjim beach is the most favorite and favored beach amongst Russian tourists visiting Goa. In fact the other defacto name for Morjim beach is Moscow beach, because of the huge number of Russian tourists seen here. The walk able length of Morjim beach is only 3 kilometers. Morjim Beach also known as Turtle Beach because the Olive Ridley turtles come here every October to hatch their new eggs.  Morjim is totally separate from the crowded beaches of Goa. The secluded beach provides solitude to one and all. Bird lovers will be thrilled to discover an collection of birds here like the Sand Plover, Bay-backed Shrike, Quill, Turnstones, Cuckoo, Kingfisher, Sandpipers, Gulls, Brown-headed, Black-headed and Slender-billed Gulls along with Crested Terns, Sea Eagle, Osprey and many more. View the expanse of Morjim beach and beyond from the high heights of Chapora fort.




Querim beach or Keri beach

The Keri beach is the first beach of Goa if you are approaching from the Coastal side of neighboring Maharashtra state. This same Keri beach is the last beach of Goa if you are leaving Goa or trying to visit all the beaches of Goa. The Keri (Querim) Beach is to be found to the Northern most part of Goa state in Pernem district a little after crossing over Arambol Beach and South of the Terekhol River. One of Goa's many unnoticeable beaches. One can have a faraway preview of the Terekhol fort from here, which lies on the other side of Redi River.  Over here, there is a ferry point where a ferry helps people from Keri across the river to reach towards Terekhol Fort. The Terekhol fort is part of Goa’s boundaries but lies on the side of the Maharashtra border.


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